Thursday, November 30, 2006

Still Singing Newsies

Today has been a good day. I went to work, fooled around and ate a bagel, froze as I ran errands for the office, went to class, got out early, came home, wrote a paper, went shoe shopping (and was successful!), ate a delicious dinner prepared by my roommate, went to class again, came home and was entertained by the dancing antics of my roommate's boyfriend, watched Newsies again while having my hair straightened in possible preparation for the formal tomorrow. We'll see if it remains un-greasy enough to warrant letting it stay straightened and unwashed. However, with such a full day, I'm pretty exhausted, and I need my beauty sleep because tomorrow's also going to be a full day.

I must get up early to write another paper, go to work and school till five, then go home to try and make myself look pretty, go out to dinner with my date (I know, I have such a hard life), plus dance. A tortured soul, I am.

I think I may sleep in on Saturday, though.

This being the last day of November, I feel like I should remark somewhat on the NaBloPoMo experience. I'm amazingly proud of myself for missing only one day, and I feel like I managed for maybe 3/4 of the time to write something worthwhile, or at least interesting. As my readers, you may feel differently. We'll see. I kind of liked having a reason to look back on my day, though, and reflect upon what I do with my life, even if the results weren't very user friendly. I almost definately will not keep up writing every day from now on, but perhaps I shall do it more often than in the past, as it's a good way to sort out all the messy thoughts that clutter up my brain. It's been a good November.

Here's to December, being non-stressful (please?) and fun and full of holiday cheer.

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