Friday, November 10, 2006

Or Gesticulate

Life goes on much as usual, and with Homecoming season upon us, I realize that I've never really been a part of the school community. I only went to homecoming once during high school, and pretty much never during college. I am going tomorrow, however. I'm going to obtain a free hot dog, and watch the floats, and then I'll probably run away in a fit of discomfort when I realize that I'm at a giant social event that I have no real reason to be at, aside from the fact that I'm a part of that society.

If you were Emile Durkheim, you'd probably be muttering to yourself that I'm a prime candidate for suicide (aside from the fact that if you were Emile Durkheim, you'd be dead). (And french).


Anonymous said...

the enpress of everything cool suggests that if youwant to be part of a big social group community thing, you should come with us next year for the all souls procession. its a special to tucson thing, and in such a way that we all say to ourselves several times over the course of the evening "wow. only in tucson!"

and you dont actually have to socialize. with everyone in skull makeup, people you might recognize or that might recognize you probably wont.

at the end your face is itchy, your feet are tired, and you have a strange come-down effect of having marched in a hoarde of thousands a few blocks to a big party with fire. its good.

no matter what mom says about it being bogus.
who cares if its bogus! its tradition!

(arent most traditions bogus anyways?? wasnt christ born in the spring?? wasnt the first thanksgiving just a precursor to genocide and hundreds of years of discrimination and violence? hmmmm)

Anonymous said...

(the empress does not spell check)

Anonymous said...

Bo. Gus.
Dang, who brought you up? An anthropologist?