Monday, November 13, 2006

Two Kinds of People

I sat in urgent care for two hours today, reading Where Angels Fear to Tread and getting stuck by needles. You'll all be happy to know that I will not get lockjaw as I got my tetanus shot, and hopefully neither will I get the flu. They give those shots out there, too. The process had me talking to five different people- two for check in, then an initial nurse to ask me what was wrong, then the doctor who also came in and I had to tell *her* what was wrong, too, then a final nurse who actually administered the shots.

The nurses were both pretty indifferent, except the second nurse gently mocked me for coming in for such a tiny cut. Tiny yes, but created by a nasty piece of rusty metal that's been sitting in our backyard for a long long time. I'd rather not take any chances.

The doctor was very nice, and she had an interesting trait for a doctor. Her hands, when she grabbed my foot to examine the wound, were warm. Warm hands! On a doctor! I figured with how nice she was and how warm her hands were, that she must be an alien spy pretending to be a doctor.

All in all, it was a fairly good two hours- I got through four chapters of my book, and got both shots I wanted, and the whole thing was just a $25 copay. For some reason I thought that I would have to pay for the shots as well as the base fee for the visit. Maybe I should go there every year for my flu shot, instead of the clinics that charge you $30.

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