Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Proof of the Sadness of My Life

I have a job. It doesn't pay terribly well, and I only get 15 hours per week, but it (hopefully) pays the bills, and it fits my schedule.

My job is kind of boring. I go in at ten o'clock, pick up a bunch of manila envelopes, walk around campus for an hour delivering them to various buildings, then sit around and file for two hours. If I'm lucky, the administrative assistant that I work with will order zucchini sticks and share with me.

Today, I had an invitation to deliver to the president of the university. Top floor of the admin building is pretty posh, let me tell you. And the secretary? When I gave her the envelope and told her who it was for? She said, "I am happy to receive it for him."

So cool!

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MustacheBoy said...

I'm not sure I see this as proof of your life being sad. If, for example, the secretary had taken the envelope from you then mugged you when you left (as secretaries are wont to do) I'd accept it as proof. Also, if that happened every day.

Did you get the zucchini?