Sunday, November 12, 2006

I Shatter

The day of the colossal disappointment that was our music video, I did something stupid. I did something that requires action on my part to make me not die from it.

(Ok, really, not so bad. I just ripped my toe open on a rusty piece of metal, and since it's been forever years since I had a tetanus shot, I'll need to find a doctor sometime tomorrow to get one.)

The really annoying thing about this, more annoying than hurting myself, more annoying than having to go to the doctor and get a shot that will hurt, according to my nursing student roommate, is the fact that shoes are going to be difficult to wear for the next week or so. Because my toe hurts, a lot. Normally, I'd just wear thongs all week and there'd be no problem. Normally, I wear thongs all year long anyway. However, the job that I got? That is so convenient because it's right on campus so I go there, then stay on campus for school right afterward? I can't wear thongs there. This means I have to wear things like tennies, or like mary janes, or things like something else that encloses my toeses, something that will hurt to wear. And I'll have to wear them all day, every day.

My life is really tough, I know.

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