Friday, November 10, 2006


I have found that it is completely impossible to try and write a report while sitting in the lobby of a public building. Even if your intentions, like mine, are pure and good and focused on finishing the paper, five minutes after you sit down you will be accosted by some friend who has no regard for your worthy intentions. Once you finally push them away like very persistent gum off the bottom of your shoe, it will have been a half hour and you will be forced to pack up and move as your ride will have arrived to pick you up.

coming soon: Part II: why it is impossible to write a paper while sitting at home when all of your roommates and some of their boyfriends are watching a movie.

*I know I'm post dating this, but it's only because that's when I actually wrote it. For some reason unknown to man, I hit the "save as draft" button instead of the "publish post" button when I finished it, and then slammed down the screen of my laptop in a victory over being awake. Then I freaked out this morning when I opened it back up and found the wrong results page. But such is life.

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