Saturday, June 26, 2004

CA: day three

today we went to the park with my cousins. it's a fun park, with these giant sandstone boulders that you can climb around on and pretend you're king of the world. it was fun when i was six, and it's still fun today. interestingly enough, while i was at another area in the park, a newspaperman came up and took a whole bunch of pictures of my sister and cousins climbing. he was doing a human interest thing on that neighborhood, so they're going to be in the paper tomorrow. isabel pretty much summed it up when she said, "this town loves me." we visit for a week, and she gets her picture taken for the local paper. arg.

this evening we went down into hollywood to see a play. "All in the Timing," we saw it in this tiny theatre called the Elephant Asylum. it was pretty cool, except mom was freaking out because we left our car unattended for more than two minutes in hollywood at night. and we wanted to walk around, since we got there 45 minutes early, but . we walked like a block with mom cowering and making horrified "we're all going to be slaughtered" faces, and wondering how much of the car has been stripped so far. so we turned around. she makes things no fun sometimes. anyway, the play was grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat (as tony the tiger would say). very very funny.

two fun short anecdotes from driving around trying to get back to the freeway after the show:

1. driving along in a pretty ratty-looking part of town, and we see a sign for a shop. "'Crazy Cuts'... is it a butcher? or a hairdresser? I don't know..." Later, we saw another crazy cuts on a different street. also on the sign were the words "hair" and "nails." hmmm... butcher, or hairdresser? i STILL don't know... :)

2. i saw one of those moments that seem to have more significance than meets the eye. there's this big building, two stories and a block long, with shops on bottom and a row of windows on top. all of the windows were dark, except for one. a second after my eyes came to rest on the lighted window, it clicked off, and all the windows were dark. there's something oddly american and familiar about that. reassuring? maybe. it was a "moment."

3. i lied about there being two anecdotes. there's three. but this one's really short. when we came out of the theatre and onto the street after the play, i vaguely thought, the play must not have been very long, it's still light out. when we got into the car, i looked at the clock. it said 11:02. and i realized that LA has lights. lots and lots of street lights, traffic lights, neon signs, etc. where i live doesn't have street lights. they would mess up the observatories. when we moved there from CA, we thought, "MAN this place is a dark dark hole."

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

oh yeah

and our hotel has free wireless internet. w00t!

CA: day one

it's been a pretty good day overall. we all took turns driving so the 8 hours didn't drag on as they used to, and we watched invader zim on my laptop for a few hours, with the sound hooked up to the radio so we could blast it. isabel and i discovered that we could set up a network and use Rendezvous to IM each other while sitting next to each other in the back seat. : 5 minutes of silence, then a sudden synchronized outburst of laughter, followed by mom saying "what? what? are you talking about me?": very fun. very stupid.

we spent a few hours this evening at our grandma's house with an uncle and his family. and a raving lunatic kitten. hehe. it's fun to let a kitten attack and gnaw on your hand when you know her jaw isn't strong enough to break the skin. "aww look at her chew all angry-like! isn't that cute?"

tomorrow: geocaching with our grandpa.

Helloooo, Mr Hyde

the setup:
my mom wakes up in the night. she'll wake up to go to the bathroom and normal stuff like that, and then she wakes up and has to come over to my side of the house for an advil. then an hour and a half later she's thirsty, then at 3 in the morning she wants cheerios. ok, so never does she do all those things in one night, but they are all common things for her.

usually my web-surfing and solitare playing goes into the wee hours . in fact, i haven't fallen asleep before 2:30 at all since the beginning of may. so much so that now i can no longer fall asleep before then if i try. which is annoying when i once in the while have to be somewhere the next morning at six, or whatever.

i usually have my door closed, and my lights off just for convenience- that way i can just put my computer on the floor and fall asleep when i finally do get tired, instead of having to get up and close my door and flip off my lights, thereby getting just enough adrenaline pumping to keep me from falling asleep for another hour. so usually if/when mom comes over thisaway in the middle of the night, she doesn't know i'm up.

the action:
but tonight, for some reason, i have my door open and lights on. i think it's cause i'm halfway thinking about packing for tomorrow morning, and haven't yet done the "i'm going to bed" stuff like get into pajamas and try to be tired. anyway.

a few minutes ago, mom came slogging out in half-sleep for an advil (she just got crowns, and has some freakish nerve pain off and on). i am reading through various blogs for fun, and have just read one talking about the Horatio Hornblower books by cs forester. mom likes those books, so i think, hey, i'll tell her about it.

so imagine me (hard to do, eh? shame i don't have a pic up to help you) bounding up the hallway to said half-asleep mom, and just as she realizes i'm there, and who i am, and such, i say to her (in an energetic voice, with absolutely no lead-in) "hey mom guess what winston churchill liked the horatio hornblower books!" being accosted like this can have a disquieting effect on a recently wakened person. i don't suggest doing something like this.

she started, made a horrified expression, and said "are you INSANE?! what are you doing UP?! go to BED!" i tried to tell her about winston churchill and his love for the seafaring adventure series, but i don't think it sank in. we'll see what she says in the morning. once she left me standing in the hallway and went back to bed, i stopped by the bathroom to turn off the lights i had left on in there, and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

HOLY COW I LOOK LIKE A PSYCHOPATH! apparently, sitting for hours craning my neck and staring into the unholy glow of the computer does something to my appearance.

after sitting back and thinking for a few minutes, i just realized what i looked like. i looked like martin short in the movie Clifford. you know, the part where his uncle says he's afraid to look him in the eyes because he's afraid he might see little pinwheels turning. except it's funny in the movie.

i guess the hours of communion with my computer bring out my personal Mr Hyde. or my Clifford. whichever.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Packing list

for one week away from my comfortable, comfortable home:
    (7) shirts
    (2) pairs of jeans
    (1) swimsuit
    (1) pair of cutoffs since i don't like people seeing too much of my thigh when wearing a swimsuit
    (1) denim skirt for wearing to church. with one of the seven shirts.
    (7) underwear(s?)
    (2) bras
    (1) church shoes
    (1) pair of thongs (flip flops. i'm not into butt-flossing) for at the beach. prolly won't use them, tho.
    (1) pair of my birkenstocks that are really the only shoes i ever wear
    (1) pair of PE shorts from my high school for sleeping in

    dandilion (really nifty blush from Benefit. smells good, too!)
    dr feelgood (also from Benefit. makes your face even and nice, so it doesn't glint in the sun. doesn't smell so good, tho. Benefit is da bomb)
    face scrub
    circular hairdryer/brush thing (aka the "whirry thing")

stuff for keeping me sane the rest of the time
    computer (with dvd drive)
    dvds (Pirates of the carribean, invader zim, other various crep)
    headphones for listening to said dvds (computer speakers don't cut it)
    power cord for hooking computer up to the cigarette lighter
    mouse, since my trackpad mysteriously died a few months ago
    coupla books and a booklight (hmm we're not traveling at night. maybe booklight is excessive)
    GPS and trading stuff so we can go geocaching while in CA

i think that all should do it. i hate the night before a trip. i can't relax, can't sleep, can't do anything useful. arrrrg.

Recommended Reading

yay! my first "i don't have anything interesting to say, but i still want to say it" post!

so here are some grood books i've recently read, or reread, as the case may be:

  • Moby Dick - herman melville

  • Where Angels Fear to Tread- e.m. forster

  • A Room With a View- e.m. forster

  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea- jules verne (i haven't actually finished this yet, but it's good so far)

  • On Market Street- arnold and anita lobel (kids' alphabet book, but it's truly amazing)

  • The Wonderful O- james thurber

  • Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (and the rest of that "trilogy")- douglas adams

  • The Crows of Pearblossom- aldous huxley (who knew he wrote kids' books???)

  • The Princess Bride- william goldman (even better than the movie!)

  • The Merchant of Venice- william shakespeare (it's got cross-dressing, a guy who wants to cut out another guy's heart, and religious persecution! whats not to love!) (not that i condone any of those things)

  • The Doubtful Guest- edward gorey (again, truly amazing. not quite a kids' book, but about that length)

  • Monday, June 21, 2004


    worship me, fools! i can make links!

    my life may be tiny and sad, but i am broadening my horizens... *sheepish grin*

    pay no attention to this post, unless it works

    i'm just trying to figure out how i can make things be links. i know, i'm stupid and computer illiterate. don't laugh at me. pity me. watch my ignorance at work!

    a while back, i referred to the Hand Puppet Theatre. here it is, if anyone is interested. it's really quite funny.

    T minus 2 days

    we're going on a family vacation! w00t!

    well, we're actually just going to california to visit mom's family, but we're going to actually DO stuff, like go to the beach, and the Griffith Observitory, and the Summer Solstice Dulcimer Festival, instead of just sitting around grandma's house for the whole time like we usually do. Yay for not having to spend the whole vacation with relatives! isabel and i are going to bring our laptops and watch invader zim and movies in the back seat (i really wish mom and dad could take one car and is and i could take another. then we wouldn't be all smushed).

    so i'm looking forward to the next week and a half with a little more glee than i usually do when we go to california. :)

    Friday, June 18, 2004

    chewing magazine

    i just looked at my last post, and noticed the little blogspot ad at the top. i'd never noticed that before today. huh. it's a gum advert. i guess if i want anything to be advertised on my blog, gum is a nice harmless subject. i like gum. i chew it. often. my current brand is Orbit, the green kind. i'm not married to it, though. i will chew any type of "green" or spearmint gum you put in front of me. unless it's ABC, or covered in ants or something gross like that... i will also chew wint-o-green, or the yellow flavor from Carefree. is that peppermint, maybe? dunno. cinnamon is right out, though. i hate cinnamon when it's red (gum, mints, red hots, etc), but i enjoy brown cinnamon (cinnamon rolls, cinnamon toast, etc). i don't know why i have such polar opinions on these two types of cinnamon.

    i wonder if there really is a magazine devoted to chewing gum, like in one of my favorite calvin and hobbes strips. maybe if i follow the link in the ad, it will take me to that magazine. probably not, but that would be pretty cool. i was recently talking to a friend who told me that her cat is called hobbes. that is also pretty cool.

    my fish tank is getting cloudy

    a few weeks ago, my plecostemous (i know that i've spelled that horribly, horribly wrong, and i don't care) died. he had gotten pretty big, and i felt guilty for never having named him, or the other two normal-type fish in the tank. since it was a little late for giving him a name, i decided to get rid of the carcass before it made the tank smelly and gross and... fishy. turns out with the strange optical tricks that water plays with your eyes, he was a lot bigger than he even looked. and he didn't fit in the little net i have for scooping out fish that don't survive. so he was precariously perched lying flat across the top of the net while i ran to the bathroom for a burial at sea:

    slosh... i don't think he'll flush, mom.

    : is he bigger than a turd?


    : just flush it, and we'll go from there.


    ...he's still there. he didn't bend like i thought a recently deceased fish would.

    well, we ended up yelling for dad, and he did with the fish what he does with all the birds that drown in our pool- put him in the pool skimmer and catapulted him into the wash behind our house. we hope the coyotes find the Body before the stupid little kids who run around back there do.

    the two remaining non-pleco fish are now living in filth, until 1. i get a new pleco (unlikely) 2. i clean the filter so it runs properly (even more unlikely) or 3. they die (inevitable, and the choice that requires no work from me)

    Thursday, June 17, 2004

    a pant?

    i had the hgtv channel on today while cleaning house. well, mom had it on, but since i was around, i was forced to listen to it although i despise those type of shows: here's some really cool stuff that you COULD have... if you had disposable millions....

    but that's beside the point. now i've forgotten the point.

    oh yeah. a pant. all of those shows with designers and style gurus and such. when they do makeovers for people, and make them buy all these ugly clothes and then say "now you're Hip!". the designers say things like "we got you this trendy pant" or "and here's a striped trouser". obviously these people are designers because it's the only job where it's ok if you mangle the english language and forget the traditional rules of grammar.

    i like to envision a person wearing "a pant". people who can wear a pant or a trouser are Vets who stepped on a land mine in 'Nam, or people who were born with only one leg. i know it's stupid that a single item of clothing is referred to as a pair, buttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt..........

    it's tradition. you just don't wake up one day and decide, "the stuff growing out of my head is actually a lot of little things, so from now on i'll call it hairs instead of hair." nice hairscut. could you hand me that hairsbrush?

    no. it doesn't work that way. language evolves, i know. i acknowledge that english, and every other language that is in use, changes. it changes every day, very slightly. but stuff like that doesn't change. they've been called pants ever since there WERE pants. some silly english tailor made them plural, and we're stuck with it. you cannot simply change hundreds of years of a word's history because you're a Hip and Trendy style expert with a tv show. so mleah.

    new hair (!)

    i got my hair cut on tuesday. keeping in mind that i haven't changed how my hair looks since, uhm... the beginning of my freshman year in high school (almost 6 years now), this was a pretty big step for me. it's now only shoulder length, and i'm still getting used to it. both my mom and the hairdresser said it looked good, but of course mom isn't exactly the best judge of whether hair looks good or not, and the hairdresser, well, yeah SHE likes it, cause she did it. and even if she thought it came out horrible, she wouldn't say so. so i dunno yet. i'm going back tomorrow to get highlights (yikes! my first step away from natural hair, and one step closer to being one of *them*). she said she would do them really small and really close to my natural color so it won't look too obvious. one thing is certain, though- i will look New and Different for my trip to california next week.

    since my initial cleaning of my room, i've discovered that i don't have enough hangers for my clothes, and my dresser is falling apart. so i've got three laundry baskets full of clean clothes with nowhere to go. so i decided, if i pack for ca now, not only will i be less stressed later on, but i'll free up some room in my closet so i can get my room less cluttered! genius! but of course i can't pack everything now, cause i'll want my pants and my good bra and makeup and shoes and stuff between then and now. or i could just go au naturale for a week... hehe. so i'll probably forget what i've packed already, and either pack not enough, or twice as much as i need. fun fun.

    Monday, June 14, 2004

    I'm not a feminist, but....

    i've decided that skirts really are an evil invention used to keep women submissive and uncomfortable. :) i've never felt this before, and i wonder if it's a sign i'm turning into one of *those* type of women. i don't think so, it's just, sitting in church for two hours on a hard chair would be fine with me. i've sat for much longer in less pleasant conditions with no problem, because i was able to sit in comfortable positions. but in a skirt, being comfortable means also being completely immodest. i therefore left church with a sore rear end and a horrible backache, feeling annoyed that i couldn't properly listen to what was being said because i was so aware of my physical discomfort. argh.

    in today's Bleat (, he mentioned a singer who does children's music. i went to the site, and he also does some albums for "grown ups". the site has a few songs (about one per cd) that you can listen to, and of course i listened to the kids ones first, which were pretty inoffensive as kids songs go, and then i listened to the two grown up songs. they weren't so bad either. listen, if you will, at . i kinda liked the Ruby Red Slippers song, although i can't tell if it's supposed to be serious or not. either way, it's pretty good. perhaps i'll look for it next time i go music shopping.

    Saturday, June 12, 2004

    AGH, a green cloud of death is attacking my butt!

    hehe... i like the hand puppet theatre (maybe someday i'll post a link).

    so today dad and i went scouting locations for our first cache. we like these two particular areas near home, so we might set two consecutively. i bought some of that altoids gum recently because it had a neat tin and i thought it might be useful for a microcache, so today when we went out i took it along, just in case. as we got in the car, i popped a piece in my mouth and started to chew.... "WHOA that is some curiously strong gum" i thought, and kept chewing. i chewed while at both of these possible locations, also through a trip to home depot to look at paint, and when we were about two miles from home, i realized, "heyyyyyyyy..... this doesn't really feel like gum anymore.... it feels like when you eat a dum dum and then just keep chewing on the stick cause there's nowhere to throw it out and it gets all mushy and gross. i thought this, then opened my mouth to see what it looked like in the rearview mirror. "GAAAAA it's turned into FOAM!"

    they should really make a warning label on those tins: "Do not chew for more than an hour. Elongated chewing may result in foam." i mean, i've chewed gum for entire days, slept with gum in my mouth all night, and never before has it changed its form from a chewy solid to a foamy liquid. Never. see if i buy more of THAT gum...

    Friday, June 11, 2004

    Hey, it's a title!

    slowly but surely learning my way around the whole blogging concept...

    spent the day driving around town with dad, geocaching. then i had the evening to myself so i got some movies at blockbuster and went to taco bell to beg for my job back. of course the new GM wasn't there, but my old manager was, and she said "don't worry- she'll be here tomorrow morning. just tell her i said you could come back." so i guess i've got my job again so i won't go COMPLETELY insane sitting around the house all day the rest of the summer.

    i just realized, sitting here typing, that i've been wearing this shirt i'm wearing for the past three days. odd. that's how screwed up my mind is getting- i do a TON of laundry, then proceed to wear one shirt three days in a row without noticing.

    so i got Lola Rennt (why do they translate that to Run Lola Run? a lot of the english subtitles are kind of screwy, now that i think of it) and watched it. such a cool movie. so at the end, i went and looked at the Amazing DVD Special Features that never could have happened in VHS times... and watched the preview for it. turns out it's rated R. R? excuse me? the Lord of the Rings movies were WAY more violent and disturbing than Run Lola Run, and they're only PG13. i have no idea why it's rated R. unless it's for language... there is a lot of swearing in the movie, but it doesn't seem like something to up the rating for. maybe it just seems not so bad because they're not "our" swears. hehe. when it's in a foreign language and subtitled, it seems more... artistic. or something. anyway. i've gotta get up early tomorrow (8:30ish) to go and beg this new GM for my job. so.

    Wednesday, June 9, 2004

    favorite line from a song: "AH'VE GOT BLISTERS ON MAH FINGERS!"
    i couldn't tell you which song it was from, only that it's somewhere on the White Album by the Beatles. ok that's a lie- i could tell you, but i'm too lazy to think about it right now.

    it's a neat feeling to be able to see the floor of your room, when you've not seen it for about a year. hooray for summertime to shovel the crap off the floor, put it in boxes and drawers, and put up surveillance cameras to watch all the stuff gradually jump back on the floor when i'm not looking. it's taken 3 days, but i'm down to vaccumming and dealing with that little bunch of stuff that never goes away no matter how long you work at it, till you get fed up with it and stick it all in a box. it's always fun to find that box of miscellaneous crap a few months later, and wonder why i didn't just throw it away...

    after 7 loads of laundry, i'm pretty sure all of my clothes are finally clean. maybe that's why i always seem to need new clothes- all my old ones are on the floor!

    Tuesday, June 8, 2004

    oh- and i've been doing a lot of reading. so far i've reread all of the chronicles of narnia (cs lewis), and i read an excellent, if a little jane austen-ish book called Wives and Daughters (elizabeth gaskell). So now i've had my fill of childlike fantasy and sitting-room romance, and i'm moving on to adventure, with Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (jules verne). I would've read Moby Dick (herman melville) again, but i've been wanting to read some of the books from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which i thoroughly enjoyed. I think after this, i'll read a Picture of Dorian Gray (oscar wilde? i'm not sure).
    I try not to start projects and then forget about them after a week or so, i honestly do. It just happens. I've fitfully kept a journal for several years, with spaces of a year or so often between entries. I guess it's just the way i am, whether online or on paper. Anyway, i've remembered about this one, and shall try to keep up on it during the summer, since i'm really not all that busy. I'm on a leave of absence from work till we come back home after a week in California at the end of June, and i'm taking a summer course at the university (works of shakespeare! w00t!) in the second summer session, so right now i have absolutely nothing to do. except go to the dentist EVERY WEEK.
    haha- funny story: our family has never been very good at remembering things for long periods of time (my journal and blog-keeping habits as a case in point). so we all had our last dentist appointments about two and a half years ago. plus our dentist was a jerk, and yelled at his staff and patients and wasn't very sorry if he hurt you. anyway, mom finally decided to find a new dentist, and this guy is just terrific. he's really nice, and explains things to you, the staff ladies are so friendly and sweet you just HAVE to like them, and he's really a good dentist, and hasn't hurt me yet, and he keeps a cd player for you to listen to music instead of the drill if you want to (which i do). however, it's still kind of annoying because of our 2 year hiatus, in which several cavities formed in my mouth. so he's been doing them by region- first the upper left, then the lower left, then the lower right, and on monday i get to do the upper right, which i think is three fillings, and he said it's going to be harder then the other ones we've done. so i'm a little nervous. but it'll all be done this time next week, so it's ok.