Tuesday, June 8, 2004

I try not to start projects and then forget about them after a week or so, i honestly do. It just happens. I've fitfully kept a journal for several years, with spaces of a year or so often between entries. I guess it's just the way i am, whether online or on paper. Anyway, i've remembered about this one, and shall try to keep up on it during the summer, since i'm really not all that busy. I'm on a leave of absence from work till we come back home after a week in California at the end of June, and i'm taking a summer course at the university (works of shakespeare! w00t!) in the second summer session, so right now i have absolutely nothing to do. except go to the dentist EVERY WEEK.
haha- funny story: our family has never been very good at remembering things for long periods of time (my journal and blog-keeping habits as a case in point). so we all had our last dentist appointments about two and a half years ago. plus our dentist was a jerk, and yelled at his staff and patients and wasn't very sorry if he hurt you. anyway, mom finally decided to find a new dentist, and this guy is just terrific. he's really nice, and explains things to you, the staff ladies are so friendly and sweet you just HAVE to like them, and he's really a good dentist, and hasn't hurt me yet, and he keeps a cd player for you to listen to music instead of the drill if you want to (which i do). however, it's still kind of annoying because of our 2 year hiatus, in which several cavities formed in my mouth. so he's been doing them by region- first the upper left, then the lower left, then the lower right, and on monday i get to do the upper right, which i think is three fillings, and he said it's going to be harder then the other ones we've done. so i'm a little nervous. but it'll all be done this time next week, so it's ok.

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