Thursday, June 17, 2004

new hair (!)

i got my hair cut on tuesday. keeping in mind that i haven't changed how my hair looks since, uhm... the beginning of my freshman year in high school (almost 6 years now), this was a pretty big step for me. it's now only shoulder length, and i'm still getting used to it. both my mom and the hairdresser said it looked good, but of course mom isn't exactly the best judge of whether hair looks good or not, and the hairdresser, well, yeah SHE likes it, cause she did it. and even if she thought it came out horrible, she wouldn't say so. so i dunno yet. i'm going back tomorrow to get highlights (yikes! my first step away from natural hair, and one step closer to being one of *them*). she said she would do them really small and really close to my natural color so it won't look too obvious. one thing is certain, though- i will look New and Different for my trip to california next week.

since my initial cleaning of my room, i've discovered that i don't have enough hangers for my clothes, and my dresser is falling apart. so i've got three laundry baskets full of clean clothes with nowhere to go. so i decided, if i pack for ca now, not only will i be less stressed later on, but i'll free up some room in my closet so i can get my room less cluttered! genius! but of course i can't pack everything now, cause i'll want my pants and my good bra and makeup and shoes and stuff between then and now. or i could just go au naturale for a week... hehe. so i'll probably forget what i've packed already, and either pack not enough, or twice as much as i need. fun fun.

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