Friday, June 11, 2004

Hey, it's a title!

slowly but surely learning my way around the whole blogging concept...

spent the day driving around town with dad, geocaching. then i had the evening to myself so i got some movies at blockbuster and went to taco bell to beg for my job back. of course the new GM wasn't there, but my old manager was, and she said "don't worry- she'll be here tomorrow morning. just tell her i said you could come back." so i guess i've got my job again so i won't go COMPLETELY insane sitting around the house all day the rest of the summer.

i just realized, sitting here typing, that i've been wearing this shirt i'm wearing for the past three days. odd. that's how screwed up my mind is getting- i do a TON of laundry, then proceed to wear one shirt three days in a row without noticing.

so i got Lola Rennt (why do they translate that to Run Lola Run? a lot of the english subtitles are kind of screwy, now that i think of it) and watched it. such a cool movie. so at the end, i went and looked at the Amazing DVD Special Features that never could have happened in VHS times... and watched the preview for it. turns out it's rated R. R? excuse me? the Lord of the Rings movies were WAY more violent and disturbing than Run Lola Run, and they're only PG13. i have no idea why it's rated R. unless it's for language... there is a lot of swearing in the movie, but it doesn't seem like something to up the rating for. maybe it just seems not so bad because they're not "our" swears. hehe. when it's in a foreign language and subtitled, it seems more... artistic. or something. anyway. i've gotta get up early tomorrow (8:30ish) to go and beg this new GM for my job. so.

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