Friday, June 18, 2004

chewing magazine

i just looked at my last post, and noticed the little blogspot ad at the top. i'd never noticed that before today. huh. it's a gum advert. i guess if i want anything to be advertised on my blog, gum is a nice harmless subject. i like gum. i chew it. often. my current brand is Orbit, the green kind. i'm not married to it, though. i will chew any type of "green" or spearmint gum you put in front of me. unless it's ABC, or covered in ants or something gross like that... i will also chew wint-o-green, or the yellow flavor from Carefree. is that peppermint, maybe? dunno. cinnamon is right out, though. i hate cinnamon when it's red (gum, mints, red hots, etc), but i enjoy brown cinnamon (cinnamon rolls, cinnamon toast, etc). i don't know why i have such polar opinions on these two types of cinnamon.

i wonder if there really is a magazine devoted to chewing gum, like in one of my favorite calvin and hobbes strips. maybe if i follow the link in the ad, it will take me to that magazine. probably not, but that would be pretty cool. i was recently talking to a friend who told me that her cat is called hobbes. that is also pretty cool.

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