Wednesday, June 23, 2004

CA: day one

it's been a pretty good day overall. we all took turns driving so the 8 hours didn't drag on as they used to, and we watched invader zim on my laptop for a few hours, with the sound hooked up to the radio so we could blast it. isabel and i discovered that we could set up a network and use Rendezvous to IM each other while sitting next to each other in the back seat. : 5 minutes of silence, then a sudden synchronized outburst of laughter, followed by mom saying "what? what? are you talking about me?": very fun. very stupid.

we spent a few hours this evening at our grandma's house with an uncle and his family. and a raving lunatic kitten. hehe. it's fun to let a kitten attack and gnaw on your hand when you know her jaw isn't strong enough to break the skin. "aww look at her chew all angry-like! isn't that cute?"

tomorrow: geocaching with our grandpa.

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