Thursday, December 29, 2005

Uh, weird.

I was just looking through my old yearbooks, because I told my roommates I'd bring one to show them what my high school was like. I just noticed something: Molly and Will from my italian class a few semesters ago, who I think are so fun and interesting, went to my high school. (!!!!!!!!)

How messed up is it that my school was so big that I don't even recognize the faces of the people in my own graduating class? I find it truly fascinating that we sat together and did several projects together, and never figured this out. I'm sure they knew each other, but I don't think they knew that I went to the same school as them, either. Huh.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Home for the Holidays

It's good to be home. I love Parts Unknown, but I love home, too. And I feel so loved every time I run into someone I know- they're all happy to see me, and excited to hear how my life's been going the past few months. So if you're from home, gimme a call. I want to hear from you. If you're from Parts Unknown, don't worry! I'll be back there in January, and we can have a whole nother fun semester of hanging out and running around in the snow and stuff. Yes, I know you guys don't find the snow as fascinating as I do, but still. I need to go toboganning (sp?) and snowboarding and icefishing yet. Oh yes, and skating on the lake. We mustn't forget that one. I may or may not post again while I'm home, so if I don't, I wish you all the best of Christmases, and safe and happy New Years.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

2 Reasons why I'm royally pissed off at Cory

1. He broke my speakers for my iPod. My roommate's iPod was on it, and he had it turned up really loud, and the phone rang. Instead of turning the music off, he forcibly ripped the iPod off of the dock so he could speak on the phone without background noise. This didn't completely ruin the speakers. They still play music, but they don't charge the iPod, and that's one of the things I love about my speakers. And now they don't do it! Frickin want to throw my shoe at him.

2. He made me get mad for the first time in four months. I haven't had a truly bad day in four months, and he ruined my happy streak. For this, I want to throw my other shoe at him. Preferably, a pair of steel-toed doc martens. Thank you, Cory, for making me mad. This is totally the week when I want something more to go wrong, right when I'm stressed about doing finals and getting everything done and figuring out how to get through customs and three airports to get home. I need to go to bed, because writing this blog is not cathartic. It instead is making me more angry and more wanting to do something harmful to him.

Good night, internet. Don't worry too much about me. This is really going to be a good week- I've got fun stuff I'm doing after my finals, and I'm going home soon, so just talk to me in a few days once I'm done stressing and beginning to enjoy my Christmas break.

Saturday, December 3, 2005


I'm pretty amazed. I never knew that drunk people could articulate words in song so quickly.

In other news, the snow continues to fall, and I continue to like it. I'm going to send out Christmas cards on monday. Christmas cards, like snow, make me happy.

Friday, December 2, 2005

Why I love Parts Unknown

Because I just spent an afternoon walking around downtown, shopping. I went with one of my roommates, and we spent a long time in a record/movie/book store, and we bought some hot chocolate, and we window shopped and bought christmas presents and got some dinner and then went exhaustedly to walmart for some groceries. I love it here because you can spend a wonderfully cold day just going around doing nothing, and not knowing what time it is, and feeling your nosehairs freeze, watching your breath rise above you, and then go home to be warm in pj's and watch a movie. That's what I'm going to do right now. I hope you all have as good of a day as I am having.

Thursday, December 1, 2005

I am so very Not Happy

I guess it's kind of my fault. I always had to plug in my computer in a plug further to the left of where I was sitting. If I had plugged it into a socket to my right, this never would have happened. Or maybe it's Apple's fault. Why did you put the power cord thingy coming out of the right hand side of the iBook? And come to think of it, why is the usb and firewire port and everything else on the left hand side? Kay, think about it. Most people are used to using their right hand for the mouse. But having the usb on the left side makes mousing all obnoxiously problematic, cause you have to find a cord long enough to go around the back of your computer. But a cord that long makes it tough to keep tidy and un-cordy. Alright, Apple, it's totally your fault. You need to put all the usb and crap on the right side, and the power on the left, and then I could mouse happily and my frickin power cord wouldn't have to perpetually bend in the same spot to the point of breaking the casing open, exposing the wires, and eventually becoming totally nonfunctional. Why, Steve Jobs, why? Why did you have to put the usb on the left hand side? While I'm berating you, why don't you have an apple store in every capital city in North America? Cause if you did, my life would totally suck less right now when I have to use these nasty Old Dells in the computer room to write my term papers. Not that I'm writing them anyway, cause I'm too bitter and annoyed and I need to tell the internet about how annoying my life is. Two weeks until I go home; two weeks until I can get to an apple store and get a new power cord. Two weeks of PC torture.