Sunday, December 11, 2005

2 Reasons why I'm royally pissed off at Cory

1. He broke my speakers for my iPod. My roommate's iPod was on it, and he had it turned up really loud, and the phone rang. Instead of turning the music off, he forcibly ripped the iPod off of the dock so he could speak on the phone without background noise. This didn't completely ruin the speakers. They still play music, but they don't charge the iPod, and that's one of the things I love about my speakers. And now they don't do it! Frickin want to throw my shoe at him.

2. He made me get mad for the first time in four months. I haven't had a truly bad day in four months, and he ruined my happy streak. For this, I want to throw my other shoe at him. Preferably, a pair of steel-toed doc martens. Thank you, Cory, for making me mad. This is totally the week when I want something more to go wrong, right when I'm stressed about doing finals and getting everything done and figuring out how to get through customs and three airports to get home. I need to go to bed, because writing this blog is not cathartic. It instead is making me more angry and more wanting to do something harmful to him.

Good night, internet. Don't worry too much about me. This is really going to be a good week- I've got fun stuff I'm doing after my finals, and I'm going home soon, so just talk to me in a few days once I'm done stressing and beginning to enjoy my Christmas break.

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