Thursday, December 1, 2005

I am so very Not Happy

I guess it's kind of my fault. I always had to plug in my computer in a plug further to the left of where I was sitting. If I had plugged it into a socket to my right, this never would have happened. Or maybe it's Apple's fault. Why did you put the power cord thingy coming out of the right hand side of the iBook? And come to think of it, why is the usb and firewire port and everything else on the left hand side? Kay, think about it. Most people are used to using their right hand for the mouse. But having the usb on the left side makes mousing all obnoxiously problematic, cause you have to find a cord long enough to go around the back of your computer. But a cord that long makes it tough to keep tidy and un-cordy. Alright, Apple, it's totally your fault. You need to put all the usb and crap on the right side, and the power on the left, and then I could mouse happily and my frickin power cord wouldn't have to perpetually bend in the same spot to the point of breaking the casing open, exposing the wires, and eventually becoming totally nonfunctional. Why, Steve Jobs, why? Why did you have to put the usb on the left hand side? While I'm berating you, why don't you have an apple store in every capital city in North America? Cause if you did, my life would totally suck less right now when I have to use these nasty Old Dells in the computer room to write my term papers. Not that I'm writing them anyway, cause I'm too bitter and annoyed and I need to tell the internet about how annoying my life is. Two weeks until I go home; two weeks until I can get to an apple store and get a new power cord. Two weeks of PC torture.


Uffish Thought said...

PC's are nice. Be sheep like the rest of us.

Baaaa. Baaaaa.

Anonymous said...

i had that happen several times. now im so afraid its gonna happen again that im insanely careful. :)

try ebay! they are cheap., and fast..?