Monday, December 27, 2004


You know what's the worst? It's the worst when you're sitting innocently, watching a movie, when suddenly you burp up stomach bile for no good reason. Cause like, it tastes nasty. And it burns the back of your throat. And why would that happen to me, cause I ate a normal amount of a normal type of food a normal amount of time ago, and there is NO REASON WHY MY STOMACH SHOULD BE STAGING A REVOLUTION AT THIS TIME. Do you hear me, stomach? I mean, it'd make sense if i hadn't eaten in three days and just dumped a quart of chili into my system, BUT I HADN'T. I ate breakfast this morning, then had a plain white-bread-and-turkey-and-mayo-and-mustard sandwich with a glass of milk. I hate you, stomach. You think you can just do what you please, when you please. But you're wrong. Oh, yes, stomach, your time will come. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but if I were you, I'd be watching my back. Or at least not spewing pure acid into my throat. Cause that's just nasty.

Thursday, December 9, 2004


Playing volleyball is fun. Especially when you play in the church building, where there's these strange rafter things at all kinds of odd angles that hang down from the ceiling, so if you hit the ball too hard it can run into a corner and go in unexpected directions. The reason why this is so fun is this: there is just enough space between the rafter things and the ceiling for a volleyball to fit. Some guy hit the ball right into that space tonight, and we were all ready to get unhappy about losing a ball. Just then, the ball fell out, followed by a much older, flatter volleyball. Cue the "it's a miracle! Like the loaves and the fishes" comments. That, my friends, is why playing volleyball in the church is so great. Because of comments like that. Someone else later thought of something along the lines of "miraculous conception," but it just wasn't as great as the almost instantanious loaves and fishes one.

Sunday, December 5, 2004

i hate having a cold

it started out simply enough; on thursday evening i started feeling my voice not working immediately, like a pump that you have to prime before water comes out. i'd have to say a few words before you could actually hear them. the next day, more of the voice stuff with some phlegm gathering in my throat, followed by some light sniffing. saturday i ran around in the rain and cold for several hours. i'd been planning this day for months, and some rain and illness were NOT going to ruin it. well. they didn't ruin the day, but they made the evening and today pretty bad. i'm now in full-blown-carry-the-kleenex-with-you-wherever-you-go-so-you-can-leave-snowdrifts-of-wadded-up-tissues-everywhere cold. i felt pretty weak and fainty today, so i stayed home from church and sat under a blanket reading for most of the day. i've got school tomorrow that cannot be missed. whatever. no big deal. however, i'm also scheduled to work from 5-10. back to the whole moral issue: is it worse to go to work with a cold, possibly infecting my coworkers and our customers (hey, we ARE fast food, for heaven's sake) and making myself miserable, or to stay home, leave my coworkers short one person, and not make any money? plus, because i took saturday off to run around all day in the rain, i'll be skipping out on an entire week's worth of work (i did schedule myself off on saturday- i'm talking about my usual week), and i have to take off next monday, since i have a final from 8-10. what moron, i ask, would schedule a final to go till ten at night? that is possibly the worst time to expect college students to remember all they've learned throughout the semester. nighttime is NOT the time for me to be speaking a foreign language. my speaking skills even in my own language are markedly worse anytime after 8:30, as seen by the amazing trouble i had in writing this sentence, and still having it come out wrong. this post is rapidly developing into a rant, so i think i'd better go to sleep and hope i magically get well again so i don't have to worry about going to work sick.