Thursday, December 9, 2004


Playing volleyball is fun. Especially when you play in the church building, where there's these strange rafter things at all kinds of odd angles that hang down from the ceiling, so if you hit the ball too hard it can run into a corner and go in unexpected directions. The reason why this is so fun is this: there is just enough space between the rafter things and the ceiling for a volleyball to fit. Some guy hit the ball right into that space tonight, and we were all ready to get unhappy about losing a ball. Just then, the ball fell out, followed by a much older, flatter volleyball. Cue the "it's a miracle! Like the loaves and the fishes" comments. That, my friends, is why playing volleyball in the church is so great. Because of comments like that. Someone else later thought of something along the lines of "miraculous conception," but it just wasn't as great as the almost instantanious loaves and fishes one.

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