Sunday, June 25, 2006

Great Dalmuti!

Seems like I must have loserly genes. Or something.

No matter what game I'm playing, no matter who I'm playing with, I generally lose. Dominoes, cards, Settlers of Catan. The game of Life, even.

When I was younger, the Losing usually preceded the Crying in Frustration and Anger, which made my family think twice before starting a game with me. By now, however, I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'm not going to ever win a game. This resignation has made losing slightly more bearable, and for some reason, I still love to play games. They're fun and exciting, and once in a while I even let myself think I have a chance of winning. I don't get as disappointed when I end up losing again, which is a good thing. I suppose.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How to Depress Yourself

1. Go take the Personality Disorder Test. Although I suppose if you don't have any personality disorders, it won't depress you as much....

2. Go get a copy of I Hate Myself and Want to Die. It's a book describing like fifty depressing songs. Except from the few chapters I read of it, it's more funny and chuckle-inducing than it is depressing.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Stars are Masses of Incandescent Gas

You know, you really forget just how many stars there are until you go out into the middle of the desert late at night. There was such a Milky Way to be seen last night, and about a gazillion other stars elsewheres in the sky. One of them even came down to earth and burned up in the atmosphere not too far from where we were. I've decided that it must be an extra-special shooting star, and will therefore be extra-powerful in granting the wish I made on it.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Total Soreness

I went and did something fun the other day. I know, go ahead and gasp in a shocked manner.

A friend invited me to an evening of swing dancing that apparently happens every week at another friend's house, and I went with high expectations and my newfound love of dance. I'd just like to say, that was the most fun I'd had for a long time. So excellently fun. So magnificently a good time.

I learned several new and fun moves, including two dips, one nifty jumpy thing, and two aerial moves. That's right, I did aerials. Me, one of the boringest and most landbound people on earth, went flying through the air, and I loved it! I intend to attend these events for as long as they hold them, I like it that much.

However. Many of these cool new moves involve the use of cool new muscles. Muscles that I previously didn't know existed in my body. It's been a few days now, and I'm still incredibly sore in my right upper thigh, as well as somewhat sore in my neck and back, and my abdominal muscles are also making themselves known. This will not stop me from dancing in the future, but it will make me think about stretching afterwards.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Nothing New

Not much is going on in my life right now. Working, yes. Today I made a whopping $18, because business has slowed down so they can't afford to give anyone very many long shifts. On the other hand, working for three hours a day is kind of nice. Except that I don't have any other pressing activities to attend to during the other 21 hours of the day.

I met up with some friends tonight, though, and I looked very cute in this great skirt that I got for maybe $8 and pigtail braids that made me look either like Pippi Longstocking or like Anne of Green Gables or like Snoop Dogg. But Snoop Dogg wouldn't wear such a cute skirt. Anyway, through talking with various people, I learned of fun activities that go on around town, such as swing dancing at somebody's house every once in a while, and weekly indoor soccer at the church. Perhaps I'll become less hermit-like and check out those events. My plan, as you may have divined, is to make myself busy so I don't realize that I have nothing to do.

My plans for tomorrow? Finally tackle the pile of stuff that I had use for during the past year, but not anymore since I'm living in my parents' already-furnished house. Stuff like mixing bowls, and blankets, and twin sheets, a non-functional printer, and oh yeah, all of my favorite books that I brought up there with me that I now have no room for on my bookshelves because they're all filled up with the books that aren't my favorite favorites.

Between living a suddenly very sedentary lifestyle and eating not the best for me foods (and large quantities of them, since I don't have to pay for groceries anymore), I believe I'm ballooning up like, well, a balloon. Tonight I ate a cod filet and several mini mushroom quiches, a root beer float, and then some Pecan Pandoutie (panned-outie?) with ice cream, and the mix of it all is making me want desperately to vomit. Sugary pecan mash does not go well with mushroom quiche, I'd like you all to know. Beware the admixture of nuts and fungus!

Hopefully the effect will wear off before I wake up tomorrow and try to sort through boxes of stuff.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Prepare for Severe Cuteness

Tomorrow will mark the one-week anniversary of my owning two almost unbearably cute animals. Wanna see? Yeah, I thought you would. Here you go. You might want to brush your teeth after looking at them, because they may give you cavities. They're that sweet.

I like to call this first picture "Chinchillas in Da Big House."

And this one? Well, it doesn't have a funny name. It's just a cute Chinchilla on my shoulder.