Friday, June 16, 2006

Total Soreness

I went and did something fun the other day. I know, go ahead and gasp in a shocked manner.

A friend invited me to an evening of swing dancing that apparently happens every week at another friend's house, and I went with high expectations and my newfound love of dance. I'd just like to say, that was the most fun I'd had for a long time. So excellently fun. So magnificently a good time.

I learned several new and fun moves, including two dips, one nifty jumpy thing, and two aerial moves. That's right, I did aerials. Me, one of the boringest and most landbound people on earth, went flying through the air, and I loved it! I intend to attend these events for as long as they hold them, I like it that much.

However. Many of these cool new moves involve the use of cool new muscles. Muscles that I previously didn't know existed in my body. It's been a few days now, and I'm still incredibly sore in my right upper thigh, as well as somewhat sore in my neck and back, and my abdominal muscles are also making themselves known. This will not stop me from dancing in the future, but it will make me think about stretching afterwards.

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