Wednesday, June 9, 2004

favorite line from a song: "AH'VE GOT BLISTERS ON MAH FINGERS!"
i couldn't tell you which song it was from, only that it's somewhere on the White Album by the Beatles. ok that's a lie- i could tell you, but i'm too lazy to think about it right now.

it's a neat feeling to be able to see the floor of your room, when you've not seen it for about a year. hooray for summertime to shovel the crap off the floor, put it in boxes and drawers, and put up surveillance cameras to watch all the stuff gradually jump back on the floor when i'm not looking. it's taken 3 days, but i'm down to vaccumming and dealing with that little bunch of stuff that never goes away no matter how long you work at it, till you get fed up with it and stick it all in a box. it's always fun to find that box of miscellaneous crap a few months later, and wonder why i didn't just throw it away...

after 7 loads of laundry, i'm pretty sure all of my clothes are finally clean. maybe that's why i always seem to need new clothes- all my old ones are on the floor!

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