Monday, June 14, 2004

I'm not a feminist, but....

i've decided that skirts really are an evil invention used to keep women submissive and uncomfortable. :) i've never felt this before, and i wonder if it's a sign i'm turning into one of *those* type of women. i don't think so, it's just, sitting in church for two hours on a hard chair would be fine with me. i've sat for much longer in less pleasant conditions with no problem, because i was able to sit in comfortable positions. but in a skirt, being comfortable means also being completely immodest. i therefore left church with a sore rear end and a horrible backache, feeling annoyed that i couldn't properly listen to what was being said because i was so aware of my physical discomfort. argh.

in today's Bleat (, he mentioned a singer who does children's music. i went to the site, and he also does some albums for "grown ups". the site has a few songs (about one per cd) that you can listen to, and of course i listened to the kids ones first, which were pretty inoffensive as kids songs go, and then i listened to the two grown up songs. they weren't so bad either. listen, if you will, at . i kinda liked the Ruby Red Slippers song, although i can't tell if it's supposed to be serious or not. either way, it's pretty good. perhaps i'll look for it next time i go music shopping.

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