Saturday, June 12, 2004

AGH, a green cloud of death is attacking my butt!

hehe... i like the hand puppet theatre (maybe someday i'll post a link).

so today dad and i went scouting locations for our first cache. we like these two particular areas near home, so we might set two consecutively. i bought some of that altoids gum recently because it had a neat tin and i thought it might be useful for a microcache, so today when we went out i took it along, just in case. as we got in the car, i popped a piece in my mouth and started to chew.... "WHOA that is some curiously strong gum" i thought, and kept chewing. i chewed while at both of these possible locations, also through a trip to home depot to look at paint, and when we were about two miles from home, i realized, "heyyyyyyyy..... this doesn't really feel like gum anymore.... it feels like when you eat a dum dum and then just keep chewing on the stick cause there's nowhere to throw it out and it gets all mushy and gross. i thought this, then opened my mouth to see what it looked like in the rearview mirror. "GAAAAA it's turned into FOAM!"

they should really make a warning label on those tins: "Do not chew for more than an hour. Elongated chewing may result in foam." i mean, i've chewed gum for entire days, slept with gum in my mouth all night, and never before has it changed its form from a chewy solid to a foamy liquid. Never. see if i buy more of THAT gum...

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