Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Heigh ho, Heigh ho

For the past week and a half it's been "off to work I go," which is an excellent idea, as my bank account contains approximately $50. Huzzah! I'm broke!

Good thing I've got a credit card! Hopefully I'll be able to scrape by on my fifty bucks for the next couple of weeks before my first paycheck comes through. I'm not really the type of person that enjoys living in debt.

Mom and Dad, I'm not asking for money from you yet, but be aware that there is a distinct possibility of that in the next week or so. Just so you won't be taken by surprise.


In other news, I'm feeling halfway productive tonight because I washed the dishes! I cleaned the kitchen! I even went so far as to put my laundry in the washer. Whether it subsequently gets put into the dryer is yet to be seen.

To reward myself, I'm blogging while watching some of the five hour Pride and Prejudice. How's that for a fun evening?

Which reminds me. I took the Jane Austen Heroine Quiz this morning. Partway through the questions, I'd say, four questions in, I realized that I already knew who I was going to be because of my answers. That's right, I'm Catherine Morland. You know, from Northanger Abbey?

I never really intended to read that book, and didn't expect to enjoy it much even when I found that I had to read it for my Jane Austen class in Parts Unknown.

However, after reading it, I realized that a book doesn't need to be well known or widely liked to be an entertaining thing to read. I liked it a lot, and because of my surprising enjoyment of that book, I thought to myself, "Self, perhaps I'll like Emma as well when we read it for class, even though I hate the movie and I've never been able to get more than three chapters into the book because it makes me claustrophobic."

I was wrong. Turns out that you can still dislike books that other people love, just as easily as you can like a book that nobody else wants to read.

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