Friday, November 17, 2006

Required Dance Talk

Him: so, what are you studying?
Me: sociology...
H: so, that's like the study of groups of people, right? So you could tell me, theoretically, why we're all here, moving rhythmically to music and being forced to make small talk?
M: yes. It all has to do with totemic clans in Australia, who come together in effervescent rituals every once in a while, to gain a greater feeling of community. When they come back from these rituals, they're all pumped up, but it only lasts so long. Then they have to go back and have another ritual. If you're really interested, you could read all about it in Durkheim's Elementary Forms of Religious Life, which explains it in more detail. Like 500 pages more detail.
H: ...oh.

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MustacheBoy said...

I just wandered over here from Uffish's, and I must say: did this actually happen, or was it a dream? Because... umm... how do I say this...

The jib's nothing compared to the mainsail.

Oh, was he cute?