Saturday, November 18, 2006

Music Video Madness

Last week we made a music video, and it ended in tragedy.

Today, we salvaged what progress we had made before our last effective save, and worked for another six hours straight, and created an even better video than we had made the first time. That's right, folks. Our video is complete. It is on a dvd, with a menu screen that looks darn professional if I say so myself (which I do).

If you'd like to see it, and are in town (sorry, Uffish. Maybe at Christmas?), feel free to set up a screening time with me. It'll take about six minutes of your life, unless you're like me and feel the need to watch it at least three times in a row. If so, it'll take around 18 minutes of your life. If you want the full movie experience, you can bring a bag of popcorn and pop it in our microwave.

I feel like I sound like I'm bragging (because I am), but this video is seriously hilarious. And the content has inspired the S.O. of one of the stars to hunt down and beat another of the stars. I hope I'm there when this fight occurs, because it promises to be at least as funny as the video itself.


Sarah said...

I want to SEE this video!! When can we SEE the video? :)

Anonymous said...

you should upload it to youtube!!!
do it! then publish the link!
be famous!

Sarah said...

Yes, yes! Do that! Please?