Saturday, November 11, 2006

Yeah! Oh, Yeah!

The day began with me squinting, rolling over and turning off the alarm on my phone and rolling back over for another hour and a half, at which point my roommate told me I was a half hour late for the activities planned for the day. I squinted again, but rolled out of bed nonetheless.

The day ends with me blogging. And with my roommates angrily doing housework. Not angry so much about the housework, but angry because the ten hours we spent working on conceptualizing, filming, and editing our music video today came to naught.

It was a work of art. We had spliced it together so well that the music and the lip synching were completely in exactly the right place. The visuals were inspired and stunning. We had gone through countless costume changes and filming locations. We had learned on the spot how to edit using iMovie. We had made it so perfect and beautiful and we were PROUD OF OUR CREATION.

Then, as we were moving the last audio clip to its place, the last click of the mouse, the public computer we had been using, and saving to, crashed. Well, no, it didn't crash, it just froze completely. And freezing completely means restarting, and restarting means everything we had been saving was gone, because it was a public computer that doesn't keep stuff.

Fortunately, we still have all the original film, so we can still make the video some other time, and it'll take less time because we know better what to splice together, etc. Unfortunately, the talent show we were making it for was tonight.

This experience has taught me three things:

1. Always find a permanent place to save stuff to, because you never know when the computer's going to hate on you.

2. I really don't get upset by things easily, even when they're things I ought to get upset by, like wasting an entire day.

3. My roommates really DO get upset by those types of things.

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