Friday, March 3, 2006


I'm taking some activity courses this semester. I'm taking badminton early in the morning, then after that I go directly to a dance class. This makes my life somewhat difficult- I need to be able to run around and be all exercise-y in badminton, so I would like to wear shorts. But I would feel dumb going to dance in shorts. I have therefore gone on a little shopping spree, and purchased 3 pairs of yoga pants. They're perfect, cause I can exercise in them like shorts, they are totally comfortable, and they look good so I'm not embarrassed of them in dance class. I'm also eager to wear them to the gym- they won't ride up like shorts do on the treadmill, and they're not as hot or ugly as sweatpants. Last night, I even wore them around the apartment to watch a movie in. They're THAT wonderful.

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