Friday, March 24, 2006

How to tell when I'm having a slow week

The reason I haven't said much here during the past week or so is because I haven't done much in the past week or so. Aside from going to classes, going to the gym, and making dinner once in a while, my life has been pretty boring lately.

Except for that one night when I made a cubic ton of bread, "helped" a friend paint his home orange, stalked this one guy by sitting outside his house in a car and laughing like 13-year-old girls, then got in trouble for eating frosted cake with my hands in the back of my friend's car, and took a tour of the nice, rich people area of town, all before coming home to watch a movie. That night was pretty fun. Oh yeah, and so was the night when we did makeovers to practice for the day when we become ladies of the night.

Ok, so maybe the reason I haven't said much here during the past week is because I'm lazy. That's a much more likely excuse, coming from me. However, next weekend I'm going on a trip that promises to be exciting, hilarious, or disastrous, or all three. You can look forward to my writeup of that event when I get home, probably I'll have something to say about it by next monday night. In the meantime, hope that I get less lazy and at least put something vaguely interesting up on the site just to keep you guys from taking me out of your bookmarks.

Oh yeah, and the snow is beginning to melt. You can't really tell, since the pile of snow on the left of the picture is as tall as the (not pictured) door leading into that building, but in the lower right hand corner, you can see a stream of water running into a drain. Sigh. Oh snow, I barely knew ye.

I didn't even need to wear a jacket outside for the past three days. Excuse me while I choke back a sob or two.

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Uffish Thought said...

I'm lazy too. I'll work on writing something eventually, though. What about?