Saturday, March 18, 2006

My fear of pickles and mustard is ruining my life!

You know that there's something wrong with the world when that's the title of an episode of Maury, and it's totally not a joke. Like, they treat the subject as seriously and legitimately as any of their other subjects. Let me just ask this: Who in the world is afraid of mustard??? "Aaah! There's a tasty, tangy condiment coming towards me! Oh noes!"

Favorite part of the show: when a helper brings out a tray just heaped with a mountain of gloppy mustard, and the guest runs screaming into the audience.


Anonymous said...

i saw one episode that was a bunch of that kind of case: tinfiol, vertical blinds, spiders...

so. im getting more edxcited for our trip! i want to visit the rhino office in portland so i can talk to them and see if i want to move there.
and i have a friend in san francisco im gonna ask if we can stay with, or at least stop by and chat with. ive never met him. :)

AND we can maybe stop in LA to visit johnny?
or santa barbara to visit Katie Visco! maybe go to magic mountain for a day, tickets are only 25 bucks! maybe see a show in LA, i'll ask johnny if there is anything going on then. if we are going on a trip, may as well make the most of it, and do stuff we wouldnt normally... go to the beach, stop at the giantrobot store in s.f. AND l.a.?? yay!

what do you think? the redwoods and canadia are also exciting. charlotte wants me to get a picture of me petting a mountie's hores.

tharts was long. :)

ViolaSaint said...

Yay! I'm glad you're getting excited about our trip! Um, I'm not sure that I've ever seen a mountie on a horse, and I've only ever seen like, a few mounties at all. I'll look into getting an opportunity for that picture, though.

I'm totally up for doing things we wouldn't normally do, like hanging out at the beach and stuff. We could stay in LA for several days (if it's ok with grandma), go to magic mountain, the beach, see johnny, etc. I'd like to stay kind of on the cheaper side of things, so the less nights spent in non-free lodgings the better. Which makes it a good thing, I guess, that most of what you want to spend time doing would be in the LA area...

Yay, I'm getting so excited about this! The way you're talking sounds like you really don't mind taking a long time about the trip, so would you rather stay here in Parts Unknown for a few days before heading off? Meet some of my friends, etc? My roommates will be going to our northeasternmost stop around that time, so we could possibly meet up with them there...