Monday, March 6, 2006

Total Greatness

Uffish's good mood from yesterday magically switched over to me today. Not only am I still excited about having skates, but I also had lots of fun in badminton today, where we played silly games, like "badminton volleyball," and sillier games, like, "I'ma dump like 20 birdies on the court, and give you like three minutes in which to hit them. Whoever has the least birdies on their side of the court at the end, wins." We've only had three classes so far in the course, but I already feel an improvement in my ability to hit the birdie where I want it to go, and more importantly, in being able to hit the birdie at all.

Beyond badminton, I enjoyed my dance class as well. I finally found a suitable pair of shoes for the class (knock-off walmart Keds for like $4), so I didn't have to dance in socks today. We're putting the finishing touches on our group projects (make your own line dance!), and will present on Wednesday. Hooray for not feeling nearly as clumsy as I imagined I would!

I amazingly got my reading and writing done for my monday afternoon sociology class, and I went to my poetry class where I totally rocked all the professor's leading questions (what do you think the field and single tree could represent in Wordsworth's Intimations on Immortality? :the garden of Eden and the tree of knowledge of good and evil, duh!). I'm rapidly pulling away from the rest of the class, who only could muster the "duh" part of my answer. Hooray for growing up in a religious atmosphere, as well as an intelligent atmosphere. Who knew those things would come in handy in a poetry class? :P

Hmm... what else good happened today? Sociology was pretty boring, and I made the mistake of eating a fruity snack before, instead of during class, and therefore had a giant blood sugar drop in the middle of class and nearly fell off my chair in sleepiness.

OH! OH! I just remembered why I started this post to begin with! As I was leaving my soc class, I saw a bunch of boxes sitting on the floor outside the map library, with a sign taped above them that said, "Students, feel free to take these." I totally felt free to the amount of five cute little book things. The insides are full of boring words and stuff, but the covers are sweet and green with nifty little pictures on them. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them, but I know they'll come in handy for something. Better safe and possessing a bunch of fun little books than sorry, I always say.


Uffish Thought said...

Guess what! Your post restored my good mood to me, after a morning of feeling blah! Now I'm excited about the rest of the day which is admittedly awesome, anyway. Yessss!

I'm jealous of your little book-things, skates, mad dancing skills and badminton prowess.

But I love my own sweet little romantic literature class, which covers a lot of the stuff I covered with my crazy English teacher from high school The crazy one you didn't have, too. The one that taught me to hate romantic poetry, and now I realize I like it. Ask me about "Kubla Khan!"

Sounds like we're both awesome all over. Happy Monday, ViolaSaint!

Anonymous said...

You always were possessed of excellent natural balance and bodily control, even as a young child. Probably your mother squelched any physical activity in you or something, which has made you forget the gifts you were born with.