Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Yet another fun way to spend an evening

Spend three hours straight playing doubles ping-pong while having a full-on shouting fight (debate. whatever.) about whether socialism is a feasible system, and if it isn't, what is? Try not to die laughing when your opponent runs into the corner of the table and rips open a huge gash on his side. Pretend to be sympathetic, then mock him when he can't bend over to pick up the ball because it hurts too much. Realize around midnight that maybe it's about time to head home and get to bed. Oh yeah, and spend the whole evening blaming all of your opponents' faults on the fact that they're Canadian, while they mock you for being American; it's even more fun than yo' mama jokes!

"Oh yeah, well, your country's so stupid they cracked that Liberty Bell. You know if that was OUR bell, it'd be in primo condition. Or at least, we'd try to fix it if we did break it..."

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