Friday, April 7, 2006

*Sigh of contentment. Also of tiredness.*

Holy moley, I just had a wonderful evening. After a very rocky start (an hour late because I couldn't decide on an outfit. I'm such a girl), I made it to the last formal activity for the Chrazy Christians group (my name for them, not theirs). It was billed as a "Swing Dance," and I went with all intentions of it being a fun night.

I was so totally right. My outfit was perfect, my hair was perfect, and most importantly, my attitude was perfect. I danced for most of the time, doing Jive and looking like a frickin expert thanks to my dance class, also learning a Charlston-like thing, and getting that down pretty well, and even going so far as to try the polka. It was such glorious fun just to get out there and dance my little heart out with other people who wanted to do the same.

Favorite part? The way I was pretty much the most graceful girl when it came to spinning out during jive, and the way my skirt twirled just the right amount to make me look cute.

Absolutely fun night, talked to a lot of people, danced with a lot of people, and oh yeah, ran into a lot of people- my partner for the waltz was not the best leader :P

What are my plans for tomorrow, to top such fun tonight? Go on a walk around the lake, work on papers, then have an indoor birthday barbeque with my roommates. I made the cake and it looks delicious.

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