Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Somebody call me a wah-mbulance

I have to write this whole big long paper for tomorrow, and although I did work on it last night for two hours, I still have nothing to show for it.

I fell down the stairs and hurt my foot while descending through the auditorium to turn in my dance final. Dubya tee eff? I *never* fall down the stairs. So much for "I believe this class has greatly enhanced my confidence during physical activities. I feel less self-conscious than I used to." I hate doing reflections on finals anyway.

Whatever the bones are that you use to sit on a bicycle seat are, they hurt right now. A lot. Like, I think I may have bruising. Dumb hard bicycle seat. Dumb me for riding through bumpy grass.

My roommates' classes for the past two days have all been like fifteen minutes long, and consisting mainly of eating cookies or getting hints for the finals, since it's the last day of class. My poetry class is meeting a half-hour early today, so we can have an extra-long time to get through all the material we haven't gotten to yet. Hooray for me!

And I have the hiccups.

At least after tomorrow afternoon, I'll be relatively free to do as I please. Once I finish that paper, that is.

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Uffish Thought said...

... And I'm a dork. "A half hour extra of poetry analysis!" I think to myself. "That sounds like all kinds of fun!" Well, it would be with my current teacher. I'm not sure about with yours. Good luck, and sorry it's a nasty day.