Thursday, April 27, 2006

Two Weeks of Homelessness: Day 2

Day one was alright. We drove up to Parts Moreknown, partially to give us a nice, easy start to the trip, and partially to regain a couple of books I had lent out last semester. The trip was fairly uneventful, and we spent some time walking around the cute river area before heading to the home of a friend where we stayed the night. It was a pretty laid-back night, just talking and letting my sister get to know my friends a little bit.

Day two was a little more strenuous. We snuck out the house around seven in the morning, and drove hard for a solid 7.5 hours, stopping only to purchase gas and to take pictures of us at the sign announcing the new province. Oh yeah, and that other stop, where there was this little town that had a whole bunch of dinosaurs. We took a lot of pictures there, too. We got to our destination for the night around 2 in the afternoon, a city bigger than I've been in for a long time. We got a little bit lost downtown (well, not lost, we just missed the street we wanted to turn on, and had to backtrack), and had a close call involving a commuter train (more like a blonde moment. Not dangerous, Mom). We're now in the hostel, after having napped for a couple of hours, and walked around downtown for an hour or so. We're going to try and get showered up and then find dinner at one of the many varied restaurants around here, and get to bed kind of early- tomorrow's drive is a good 11-12 hours. Ugh. Hope everyone is well, and so far we haven't killed each other. Fingers crossed.

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