Saturday, April 1, 2006

Those hats are everywhere

There's a group of about 7 guys outside below my window, where the football guys were yesterday. These guys are practicing jumping their skateboards. I can just imagine the email:

"Meet between the dorms and the gym at dusk. Make sure you're wearing your cigarette pants and a black tshirt. Wear a castro hat if you've got one. Oh yeah, and if you have the time, try and dye your hair black to match the darkness of your soul. Bring your skateboard."


Anonymous said...

What's a castro hat? Do you mean a Che Guevara hat?

ViolaSaint said...

No, I don't mean a Che Guevara hat. Che Guevara wore like a beret thing. I mean a Castro hat. Google image it; you'll see what I mean.