Friday, April 21, 2006


I finished my last final a few hours ago, then walked back to my apartment the outside way, and giggled and talked to the groundhog things out there, then went to dinner with one of my roommates and ate a tasty burger at a Chili's-like restaurant. I am now going to ride my bike around the lake, partially because it's so darn SPRING out there, partially because I'm so darn HAPPY I'm done with the semester, and partially because I ate so darn MUCH for dinner, and I feel the need to exercise some of it off.

If you need me in the next hour or so, too bad. I'm having fun.

Edit: I'm back from my ride, and it was excellent fun. Now I'm going to have fun in a different way, known as playing ping pong with the Long Haired Christian, and eating orange jello. Perhaps even watching a movie? Who knows! The night is young! It's only seven o'clock!

Edit again: apparently during finals, it's 24 hour quiet hours so people can study. Apparently during quiet hours you're not allowed to play ping pong. Apparently this rule is really dumb. Instead, we played pool for a little while, then sat around and watched Star Wars ep. IV and V, since the LHC had never seen them before. How in the world do you live for 20 years in North America without having seen Star Wars? It's unheard of! Absurd!

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