Sunday, October 23, 2005

This is my 165th post

It's been a good weekend. Went to a party on Friday night, then out for food around 11 oclock, then back home where I had some friends stay over since all of my roommates were gone. We sat around talking and eating ice cream in our pajamas. It was fun. Yesterday we went to the Science Center, which was a bit like the most wonderful Exploratorium in (San Francisco? I don't remember anymore). This one not only has the fun hands-on exhibit things, but it also has an Imax theatre and a climbing wall and a gyroscope. We tested out each of these factors, and pronounce them all Very Fun. However, since I always wear flipflops wherever I go, I had to rock climb barefoot. This made it a little tougher to do, also a little more painful. It also made my feet very dirty. I'll need to remember to wash them extra carefully today, so I don't look like a homeless person when I go to church.

***News break: I was just reading over what I wrote, and I noticed something that's very odd for me. I have friends! I moved here less than two months ago, knowing not a soul, and I already have friends! This is truly amazing.***

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