Monday, October 10, 2005

Nothing helps your self esteem like good cooking

I was just sitting around, feeling stomach-achy and gross, reading. I'm thinking I must've gotten a mild case of food poisoning from the dinner I had yesterday with a bunch of people from residence. Food made ahead of time for masses of people, and all that. Anyway, I didn't feel good, but I felt like eating something. I got up, stuck my head in the fridge, and saw two eggs. I proceeded to make a cute little omelette, which folded perfectly, and was just the right size to make me not hungry anymore without upsetting my stomach further. I know, I know. I've taken two years of culinary arts, and I've made much more detailed, lovely things in my time. I've made a Thanksgiving turkey or two. But something about this omelette just reassured me, telling me that yes, I can live on my own, I'm capable, even when I'm not feeling well. Now I think I'll go back to lying on my bed and reading.

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