Saturday, October 29, 2005


I went to a Halloween party tonight with my Mexican friend. It was put on by the Intervarsity Fellowship for Christian Students and Other People and What Have You. You know what I'm talking about. I really don't know what this particular one is called, but it was interesting. Those people that go to them, they're like church people, only they're a little more normal. And by normal, I mean that after the party in a room at school where we had a Napolean Dynamite Dance-Off, we all trooped over to this one guy's house and played cards and laughed and ate cheese dip and watched Shaolin (or something like that) and I made friends. The Outgoing Mexican has done amazing things for my life. Really. She got me to speak up and enjoy myself with the other exchange students, she got me to exercise most every weekday in the morning, and thusly got me to go to my morning class more regularly, she's introduced me to various individuals, she got me inadvertantly wrapped up in this Christian group that is actually a bunch of people I really enjoy being around. What will she do to make my life better tomorrow? Cause seriously, since I've known her, my life has improved pretty much daily. Outgoing Mexican, you are the best. You seriously rawk.

And I was Robin Hood. All I had to do was buy some yellow felt and sew two triangles together to make a hat (a Rather Dashing Hat, at that), and wear my green hooded tshirt. Also some pants, and my brown scarf wrapped rougishly around my torso. Easiest and cheapest costume ever, excluding the Girl-With-a-Worm-on-her-shoulder, which only required one gummi worm. But yeah, I'd say that $1.93 for some felt was a great investment for how surprisingly well my costume turned out. I was totally recognizable.

And as we were driving home around 2:00, it was all dark and stuff. It had rained in the afternoon, and there was all kind of misty-foggy stuff happening. It was so cool- Outgoing Mexican and I were in raptures, pointing and giggling, while the guy we were driving home inwardly laughed at us for being so stupid. Well, he probably has seen this several times a year for the past ten years, while for us it's a completely new and foreign concept. Outgoing Mexican and I hope for (and expect) snow in the next week or so. Hopefully. We have our fingers crossed.

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