Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Broketoe Mountain

I think I broke my toe. This isn't a statement made lightly or capriciously. This is a statement made with about three months' proof behind it. My toe (the middle one on the left foot) never used to hurt when I went to crack it. I generally crack my fingers two times a day, and my toes once a day, and my shoulder any number of times a day. I always do it in the same pattern, starting with the first toe (like the pointer finger), then move down the line to the pinky toe (or "the tiny one," as my mom likes to remind me I used to call it), and finally ending with the big toe, since it has the most satisfying crack.

Anyway, to get to the meat of the story, for the past three months, when I try to crack my middle toe, it hurts, and it won't crack. Not just that it hurts too much to bend it far enough to crack, though; I ignore the pain and bend it as far as it will physically go, and still it doesn't crack. I must conclude, therefore, that my toe is broken, and never will crack again. Le sigh.

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