Friday, January 20, 2006

You learn something new every day

Really, you do. My roommates and I are always getting into conversations that lead us to discover some fun difference or other about our cultures. My Fun Fact For the Day has to do with climate, rather than culture: it gets colder when it's sunny out, and warmer when it's cloudy and snowy. This is because the clouds help insulate everything and keep the warm air close to the ground, and when there's no clouds, the warm air just shoots up into space, making us cold. I also note that it was like thirteen degrees colder today at noon than it is right now, at midnight. For a person raised in the southwest states, this is confusing beyond belief.

Also? I check beneath my window every night, and there's an increasing amount of snowmonster bunny tracks in the snow around the plants. I keep a careful eye out, but have yet to observe the snowmonster bunnies in action. Rest assured, though, that if I do see them, you, the internet, will be the first to know. I've sometimes been accused of sticking commas into places where they don't belong. I think the fact that I just used 5 in one sentence may prove my guilt. My name is Violasaint, and I'm a Commaholic.

Hey, that makes me think- WHY, if it's called "Alcoholics Anonymous," does everybody get up and the first thing they say is their name? I guess they don't say their last name, but still. Let's keep it anonymous, folks.

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