Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Ell-oh-ell, man. Ell-oh-ell.

I went to the grocery store today with my roommates. We bought $200 worth of food, which is going to have to go for a long time, for how much it cost. Anyway, that isn't what I meant to talk about at all. What I meant to tell you is that when we were walking down the aisle, there was like a row of ketchup, and (really, I actually thought this, and meant it completely seriously) I thought to myself, "why in the world would people buy ketchup from the store, when they can get it from the hermit? I mean, come on! At the mall, it costs like 100 meat, while a hermit permit is only 30 meat! What a bargain!"

Then I stopped, and realized that I've been playing like WAY too much KoL.

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Anonymous said...

I'm seriously troubled by this entry.