Saturday, January 28, 2006

Winter isn't all fun and games

So I learned one of the harsh realities of life today: snow isn't soft. At least, old snow that's melted and refrozen several times isn't soft.

The Long Haired Christian and I went sledding last saturday, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. It's like, you're sliding down a hill, really fast! So cool! So we decided that we should go every saturday. So we went today, even though it hasn't snowed for more than a week now, and the snow on the ground is not so thick and not so fresh anymore.

We stood at the top of the hill and looked down for a few minutes, then LHC went down first. She seemed to do alright, and then disappeared beyond the crest of the hill. I decided to go down after her, before she climbed back up to the top of the hill. As I was sliding in a generally downward direction, I thought to myself, "self, it seems a little faster than last week." And so it was, because the entire hill was slick with refrozen snow. I zoomed past LHC, who was starting back up the hill, then realized I was heading for the trees, and at that point I decided to try and slow down. Apparently, my body's instinctive reflex was to throw myself backwards (but in the same direction as I was sliding in, since I had gotten turned around) off the slidey-disc, and land on my head.

I always listen to my instincts, so I went ahead and landed on the back of my head, making snow shoot down the back of my shirt, and simultaneously making my skull slightly throb in pain. Turns out that LHC had similarly landed on her head, and after that first run, we decided to find a smaller hill. Too bad all the smaller hills were covered in smaller people. Not wanting to look like losers sledding with all the 5-year-olds, we went and visited LHC's sister and her fiance instead. We played cribbage, and I lost. Thus ends my story, with a moral: don't hit the back of your head on the snow, because even though it looks soft and cushy, it's really hard, and will make you cold and wet as well.

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