Saturday, February 4, 2006

In this city, "east" pretty much means "south"

After a couple of hours of do-gooding at the local rescue mission, we were to go to a supposedly great toboganning hill on the north side of town. Being unfamiliar with the north side of town, I got directions from a girl who lives up there on how to get to the hill. I must have missed something she said, because we drove straight out of town, and were pretty much headed for the north pole before we realized, hey, it's really foggy out, and it doesn't look like we're in the civilized world anymore. We turned around, and headed back towards town. During this little trip, I learned that turning your brights on in fog actually makes it harder to see, not easier. Good thing there wasn't anyone else on the road for miles and miles for me to run into.

We finally found our own way to the hill, and being unfamiliar with the park it's in, we parked on the wrong side of the hill, and it was a mighty hike to get to the top. It was worth it, though. There's something beautiful about going sledding with a group of people, with no one else there, on a lovely foggy night. Especially when the fog intermittantly turns to cute snow. We had fun, and I got to experience going on a long sled, with like four other people on it. They all said that the best seat is in the front, but I've decided the best seat is in the middle, because in the front, you can't hear what anyone is saying, and you feel responsible if the sled turns sideways.

The evening culminated at a friend's house, where we drank hot chocolate and played mafia till about two in the morning. It took a surprisingly long time- we played twice, and it took two hours. Perhaps it was just because most of the people hadn't played before. Anyway, it was a grand evening with the Long Haired Christian, and the guy who still has no name, because I still haven't decided on a suitable 'nym. As well as several other fun people who I know even less well.

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