Tuesday, February 7, 2006

What kind of socks do pirates wear? :arrrrrgyle!

I’ve got these two friends at church, who for some reason, think I’m the funniest person on the planet. I therefore feel encouraged to be funny, and say things that I usually only let myself think. Today I had to go out, but all of my jeans were dirty, so I instead wore my only other pair of pants, some orange plaid capris that I think are pretty snazzy. However, since it was snowing, I thought it best to wear something to cover the rest of my leg, as well. When you’re wearing orange plaid pants, you can’t try to look normal, so I figured it’d be best if I went with the feeling, so I wore a green robot tshirt, and pink white and blue argyle tights under my pants. And some white tennies with blue stripes. The ensemble was pretty striking, and I put my hair up into two buns, like you might see on a sailor moon character. When my two friends saw me, they both started laughing, and told me how cool I looked. And they really thought I looked cool. As they remarked on my clothing, I simply said to them, “Happy Laundry Day!” My little holiday caused quite the stir, and several people came up and told me how much they liked my outfit, &c. Not sure how many really enjoyed it, and how many were just trying to be free and accepting of my weirdness in order to look Hip and With It. At any rate, I completely stole the evening, and my two friends were pretty much hysterical for about ten minutes, not because I said anything particularly funny, but because they expected everything I said to be funny, and therefore found it that way. It makes me happy to be so entertaining to my friends.

I’m going to have to declare Laundry Day more often.

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