Friday, February 24, 2006

What do you do when your wife is in love with a priest?

This evening I went over to a friend's house to watch movies. Which friend, you may ask? You know that guy that I haven't been able to come up with a suitable 'nym for yet? Yeah, it's that guy. Tonight I found out one more thing that he isn't, and a few more things that he is, but none of those things would be good for making up a name. Well, one would be, except I might someday want to tell him about the site, and I'm not sure he would be flattered by the name. Perhaps I'll just call him Nameless Joe for now.

So Nameless Joe, one of the short Christian girls, and I watched movies tonight- one was What To Do In Case of Fire, a German film about a group of anarchists who grow up and sell out, then have to get back together when one of their unexploded bombs suddenly explodes unexpectedly. Very funny, pretty interesting. The other movie was I Confess, an older Hitchcock movie that I'd never heard of. You've probably never heard of it, either, and for a good reason: it's not that great of a movie. It wasn't a bad movie- while I was watching it, I found it pretty gripping and interesting, but when it had finished, I felt strangely unsatisfied. Kind of jipped, you know? Like I had been tricked into watching something that wasn't quite right.

The evening as a whole was entertaining, enlightening, and enrapturing. Ok, not really enrapturing. I just wanted something to round out my alliterative phrase. I learned much about my host, a fair deal about the other guest, and a good bit about fun, fun music.

Ra, ra, Rasputin!


Anonymous said...

since you insist on being so colleg-y and smart, i feel obligated to tell you something im sure mom already has.

Gypped refers to being taken advantage of by a (you guessed it) gypsy. its not that im bothered by the fact that its a derogatory term, but that it was misspelled. :)

so. when you come back to good ol america, you should join the gym i belong to. we can sweat on machines in unison!

(the comment about "gy" words.

ViolaSaint said...

Sorry I'm not all up on my etymology (I must admit, I just now doubted my smartness and looked it up to make sure I wasn't talking about the study of bugs. I wasn't. Phew), Sis. I shall try to work on that, as well as my spelling, in future posts.

What gym do you go to? How much does it cost? And what are the benefits that would make me want to use that one over the one at school which would be pretty much free? But yeah, I'd love to sweat with you.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was going to tell you about the spelling gaffe, but she beat me to it. So now I will just suggest a 'nym--how about 'nymrod?
Anyway, SOMEBODY should stand up for the gypsies.

Anonymous said...

well honestly there is no reason to pay 25 a month for something you get at school for free.
unless youre me and the 25 is closer to home, and im not in school anyways.

theres one on the northwest side?
you can go to any of them in the country once you are a member?
its where i go and i need motivation?