Sunday, August 29, 2004

Saturday, August 28:

worst. day. ever.

there are days when nothing out of the ordinary happens, you feel peaceful and satisfied, if not terribly excited. yesterday was not one of those days.

1. went to work with a cold
2. walked into work an hour after a mandatory meeting i'd forgotten about had started
3. terrible drive through customers. people who insist on giving exact change without knowing that the big ones are 25, the medium ones are 5, the little ones are 10, and the copper ones are 1. absolute morons.
4. got yelled at by my boss for drive through taking a long time. (duh, that's what happens when my customers don't know what they want or how to pay for it)
5. i was supposed to get off at 5. no one got there till 5.20, no one took over DT till 5.30, no one counted my drawer till 5.35. the managers (one of whom had waltzed in 20 mins late) were too busy gossiping about what happened last night.
6. got frickin' angry at said managers, started crying, general hysterics. only then did they realize that i wanted to go home. plus, my cold medicine had worn off an hour and a half earlier
7. got home, grumpy at parents
8. parents leave 10 mins after i arrive to go have dinner without me, saying, look- your sister came to visit you for the evening. she'll keep you company and make you dinner and you can have sister time
9. sister leaves to visit friend (he's only here for one night!) half hour after parents leave
10. and doesn't make me dinner
11. i break filter for fish tank, decide to go to petsmart to buy another filter and a plecostimous (sp?)
12. petsmart closes at 9.00, i arrive at 9.02
13. well, since i'm out, i'll pick up some tacos at the new shop
14. restaurant: cash only. me: card only
15. i'll console myself with ice cream from new ice cream shop
16. while they do take cards, it tasted like crap because i accidentally got sugar-free topping (read: tastes like cardboard flavored dirt. or dirt flavored cardboard)
17. after all this, i go home and forget that i have homework. hooray! midnight sunday homework session for me, after only one week of classes!

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