Tuesday, September 7, 2004

not the best. day. ever., but pretty good

labor day. the day when supposedly everyone drinks and parties and people say "don't drive at night! you'll get killed!"

i've never noticed any partying or weird driving or anything. even the guy at work who always knows where the parties are said that he called everyone in his cell phone, and they were all at home tonight. and i drove home just now round midnight, nary a car on the road. well, maybe three or four, but not drunken freak-driving. just driving.

so my day went as follows: wake up circa 10am, feverishly read plays in order to find the perfect scene to do with my partner in acting class. find one that *might* be okay, but the person i'd be playing has the same name as me, and is a whore. not sure if my little psyche would handle that well. too like me while too different from me. anyway, round 3pm i realize that i wasn't supposed to go to work at four, but five. yay! an hour has been added to my life! so i continued reading plays.

work started out terrible. they put me on register, the ONE job i had been hoping i didn't have to do tonight. the first customers i got was this family who ordered a ton of food, chose the tiniest table to sit at so they had to drag chairs from other tables to fit themselves in, spilled a huge amount of soda all over said table and chairs and floor underneath. so they moved to another table and told me to clean it up. while i was mopping and wiping off the table and chairs, they came up to me and said "you're out of dr pepper. could you go and change it?" this WHILE I WAS STILL CLEANING UP THEIR HUGE SODA-MESS. so i dropped my mop, ran to the back of the store where the bag-in-a-boxes are kept. the dr pepper is fine. i go back up and tell them this, and they're like, oh sorry. so i finished cleaning their mess. they leave: the store, the mother's purse, and an entire taco's contents on their second table. i clean up their second mess, and don't see the purse. about half an hour later, another party sits at that table, and brings me the purse just as the mother walks in frantically. so that family made it look like my day was going to be crap, but a couple of things happened that made it great.

one of my male coworkers who's all the time picking on me was actually nice to me like all night. we're really friends, and he's a good guy and likes me and everything, but he also likes to talk crap and generally put up a big, swearing, mean front. he's like those strawberry candies: hard on the outside, but soft and gooey on the inside. anyway, he was nice on the outside today, and that made me happy.

our favorite ex-coworker came in. he sang for us and we all talked and had a generally good time. while we were talking, my parents came in, and he and i went over and talked with them and ate the ice cream they'd brought me. his ten minute break from where he now works turned into more like an hour. it was great. so he made the evening great as well.

previously mentioned male coworker ordered pizza, and i went to the store and bought candy. we got to eat food without making it ourselves! yay!

and i finished cleaning the lobby pretty quickly, and would have gotten out only a few minutes after when i was scheduled, except my manager and another coworker and i sat in the office for like 45 minutes and talked. so while i didn't go home when i had planned, i pretty much got paid for sitting around, gossiping and eating candy for nearly an hour. we didn't even have drive thru orders in between! we had like an hour when no one came in at all! it was great. so my day was grood. how was yours?

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