Sunday, September 19, 2004

nature says "ahhhh"

this weekend has been wonderful. apart from work on saturday, and even that was pretty nice. there's just something absolutely thrilling about a good weather weekend. i was reading the Bleat today and he mentioned how nice it was to have a warm weekend; here, the beautifully overcast, rainy saturday and cool, fairly cloudy sunday blew our minds. i came out of church today, and stood in the parking lot for almost half an hour. and this at four in the afternoon! in september! i swear it's been less than 85 degrees all day. we stood outside just to enjoy being outside. we didn't get sweaty or even feel like going inside. a cool breeze made our skirts press against our legs in a pleasant manner. right now, i'm sitting outside again, in the backyard, enjoying the chilliness of it all. whne you can be outside and comfortable, you notice things that you usually don't have time to observe. for instance: the stars really do twinkle. especially cassiopea. that's always been my favorite constellation; so sweet and nice. again, there is a cool breeze blowing, with the sound of windchimes coming from across the wash in someone else's backyard. the rustling of the trees and bushes is so soothing. i wonder if anyone else is enjoying this moment, taking a break from being inside, relaxing and thrilling in the starry night. this feeling is something i wish i could share with the whole world, but it isn't something that can be shared. part of the serenity comes from the solitude and darkness and silence. ahhhh.

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