Thursday, September 23, 2004

suburbia bites

i'm so tired of living in the land of skinny moms with 2.5 kids who all play soccer, and an suv that's too precious to park in a regular parking space- i know, let's park it across THREE HANDICAPPED SPACES! those jerks in the wheelchairs don't deserve their own space, not when my rav4 could get dinged and my children could be 3 seconds late to soccer practice! grrrrr.

i went to the park today. can you tell?

oh yeah- and this one guy videotaped (digitally recorded, rather) his child's soccer practice while he sat and read a book all evening.

and what gives? why soccer? i know, i know, it gives them a place to burn of energy, and they get socialized. i don't think i would want my children socialized to be competitive little witches who never have time to make friends or do homework. and as for the exercise, they'd do it on their own if you just brought them to the park. EXCEPT that there's no swingset. WHAT KIND OF A PARK DOESN'T HAVE A SWINGSET??? not even a crappy little stupid one that's built into the jungle gym... if we had a swingset, there wouldn't be enough room for the THREE soccer fields and TWO basball diamonds and the track that goes around the edge so the suburbian moms don't get too fat. and there's like 4 basketball courts and 3 tennis courts. it's a sick sick world where the neighborhood park doesn't even have a swing. guess they'll just have to play soccer.

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woot- i can post anonymously. hello from Johanna, then.